Moving to a city and embracing the in-between – NYC style


Getting your career on track is at the forefront of a young persons life, the pressure of one: breaking into your desired industry and two: staying there! I myself, worked tirelessly throughout my degree & took under several internships to ensure I secured a job in the fashion industry following graduation- so why give that up now?

The path turned when my partner was offered a job secondment in New York- yes New York! After months of deliberating, visa restrictions, tears and doubts I finally reached the decision that this was an opportunity not to be missed & joined him in his new venture in the city that never sleeps. I quit my job, sold my car and off we went.

Now, for a ‘sensible Sally’ like myself, this was a pretty crazy thing to throw myself into, but definitely a time I can grow in so many other ways than in a business. It is always important to remember that we are on no set timeline in life, with any goals been set at any particular age- this was a point I had to remind myself!

The below pointers are my current go to guidelines on how to embrace and grow during my ‘time in-between’, knowing I will expand my skillset and life experience for this exciting chapter. This can also apply for any other worldwide travels or experiences you choose to explore!

1. Climbing the corporate ladder is a social norm that majority of people stick to & falling stray from this path can cause concern for some people.

Moving out of this norm can show fearlessness & bravery to throw yourself into something new, also building your resilience and flexibility to change. All of course, as admirable traits for the workplace.  In today’s day and age employers are more welcoming to the idea of a time out and experience rich candidates are highly employable for traits they have learnt outside the work place. In my instance, New York is a fashion capital so I will commit to learning the ins and outs of the fashion world whilst here!

2. Take one day at a time.

A great piece of advice I received before leaving the U.K. was to take it in baby steps; make plans or goals for in 2 days, then build up to 2 weeks, then 2 months and so on… Taking bite size views of your time away from home is much more achievable that thinking of the larger scale of time on your hands.

3. You have no restrictions!

Your 9-5 is no more and you are not limited to doing the same thing day in and day out. Teach yourself new skills, read new books, visit places you have never been, meet new people and learn new cultures! My intentions here are to build my portfolio, get inspired by museums & exhibitions, go to life drawing classes, do more fashion illustrations & write!

The truth is no one has everything planned out for them, so why not just go for it! These experiences we can grow rich in rather than experiencing things inside 4 walls.

 So the adventure begins, a year of exploring, learning & growing!


Written by Bekki

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  1. James Brennan says:

    Great write up and exciting to see the start of your journey. Stay positive and see your near future as a fantastic opportunity. Go for it girl be the best you can be and love every minute.

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