Last Minute Amazon Gift Guide


Christmas is a week away.  7 days.  Are you sorted for your gifts?  If not, your panic is probably setting in and dread taking over now that Christmas shopping is in full swing, shopping from the comfort of your sofa (or bed) is without a doubt the easiest and cosiest way to get your presents in.  Love or hate amazon it’s the best place to go to for under one roof shopping and with amazon prime it’s particularly good for last minute gift shopping.

Our guide hopes to help you find our top gifts you can still order in time for Christmas.


For the music lover

Waterproof speaker

A few years ago I got my boyfriend a waterproof speaker as a silly stocking filler – and this was and still is the best present I’ve ever gotten him.  He uses it every time he showers and it has travelled around the world with us to use poolside and at the beach.


Record player

There is something really satisfying about playing music on a record player rather than on your phone how we would normally.  This one is particularly good as it allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and come on it’s gorgeous, right?



Top 100 albums poster

In the great words of Abba, thank you for the music!  Your giftee can listen to 100 of the best albums of all time and scratch them off as they go with The perfect gift for any Music lover, underneath each tab is a beautiful image related to the artist!







For the movie buff

Top 100 movies poster

Similar to the above albums poster, this top 100 movies scratch off posters allows the movie buff in your life to test their dedication to the big screen and to discover classics!





Cocktails of the movies

Obsessed with movies?  Yes.  Obsessed with booze?  Yes Yes.  This little book gives readers the recipes to recreate the most iconic drinks shown on the big screen.




Movies in 5 seconds

Even a true movie buff can be really busy – this gift allows them to skip the boring bits and watch the movie in moments!






For the wanderlust/ travel lover

Ultimate Travel Book

If you’re anything like us at the MWO you’ll probably love to travel, if so then the Lonely Planet Ultimate travel is a must have for holiday inspo.  Full of all the best travel destinations from across the globe and hints and tips for when you’re there this book will definitely unless your inner wanderlust  and have you aching for your next trip.





Another travel related item is the Tilestyle, pop it in your suitcase and you can track your case anywhere in the world, which after having my luggage gone missing a fair few times sounds like the greatest thing in the world.  They work by connecting to an app on your phone I have heard however, that the range of tracking isn’t great (I think it works on Bluetooth connection so has to be nearby) so that’s a negative, but apparently if someone else in another part of the world uses tilestyles and is nearby it can be tracked that way.  However I will get it for Christmas so I will update.


My sister has recently had a baby and I think a great gift is a Polaroid camera to create instant memories – plus the Instax camera is photogenic in itself so you know, win win?






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